Science as Art

First place winners of the Science as Art competition sponsored by the Materials Research Society in the April 2007, Issue 2, Materials 360 newsletter:

First Place Winners

Matthew Lloyd
Matthew Lloyd, Cornell University
Sunflowers, “A Bouquet of Anthradithiophene”

Suresh Donthu
Suresh Donthu, Northwestern University
An Early Morning Stroll into Woods: SEM Image of Tin Oxide Nanowires
Ee Jin Teo
Ee Jin Teo, National University of Singapore
“Ancient of Days” from classical art to quantum art
Joel Henzie
Joel Henzie, Northwestern University
Gold Nanopyramids on Silicon Pedestals

© Reproduced with permission of the Materials Research Society (MRS),

Look for future ArtStyle interviews with Suresh Donthu and Joel Henzie on how they created their images.

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