Mia Capodilupo: Creating Environments

Mia Capodilupo, a Chicago based artist, creates large-scale installations with felt, fiber, yarn, and found and cast-plastic materials. Her current installation, Garden of Eden, is located in the window of Art on Armitage and can be viewed 24 hours a day through June 30th.

She first moved to Chicago to attend the University of Chicago for her undergraduate studies, relocated to Boston for a while, and then lived in San Francisco while doing her graduate studies at the San Francisco Art Institute. While she has always been interested in the use of materials and creating large-scale works, in graduate school, she focused more on concepts rather than materials and processes. In San Francisco, she was confined to a small space, where she continued to make large-scale works but out of smaller assembled pieces. Moving back to Chicago and being a Chicago-based artist has afforded her the space to make large-scale installations out of her casting and fiber materials. The work on Armitage is a fanciful world of green folly, where tiny spiked-like plants root up from the ground and a couple of large “plants” hang from the walls.

Mia Capodilupo Installation

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