Gong Bath: A Sound Experience

Here in Chicago we are very lucky to have a variety of sound and musical programs available to us. For the next ten days or so, Richard Rudis, a teacher of vibrational energy work, will be in Chicago. He teaches how to work with healing bowls, bells, and chimes, and holds healing concerts called gong baths.


Participating in these sacred sound events is a unique experience. At these concerts, you lie on the floor with the top of your head facing the gong. People who have attended these concerts many times like to be as close to the gong as possible. Some people bring pillows and blankets to be comfortable since most floors can be hard. Rudis starts with a short lecture about the gong — how it is made and used in this way, why it works, and his own experiences with the gong. Then the lights are turned down and the gong bath begins softly at first, and then increases in intensity becoming both loud and seemingly crashing, and yet is strangely comforting as the sounds wash over and through you.

Each person's experience is very different. Some say they see colors, and some say it sounds like voices of angels singing, and others feel stars and planets dancing around them. Some people even say they experience the divine. But what ever their experience is after the concert, everyone enjoys talking about what happened. I, myself, will be attending one on Wednesday, August 29th, at East Meets West, a store on Lawrence Avenue, in Chicago, and I can’t wait to see what happens this time.

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