Gadgets on the Go: No More Polaroid Instant Film

Polaroid Film

I can’t believe that Polaroid is discontinuing its instant film, which has been in existence since the 1940s. They’re going to start phasing out the films next year. I believe a lot of artists use the Polaroid film to incorporate in their mixed media art or to use as plain Polaroid film art. I guess they’ll have to do without it or switch to Fujifilm.

My husband bought a Polaroid ImpulseSE about 25 years ago, and the camera is still working just fine.

Polaroid Impulse
Polaroid ImpulseSE camera, with 3″ x 3″ photos.

I was looking in my freezer the other day and found Polaroid films SX70, 665, and 669. (I think someone said to put the film in the freezer so that it would last longer.) I used the SX70 for photos at a couple’s shower so that I could create an instant scrapbook at the shower. People at the party were wondering who I was since I was walking around with the “funny looking” camera, which had an improvised flash system.

Polaroid SX
Polaroid SX70 Land Camera Model 2 with Vivitar flash attachment

One other toy I found in my camera drawer was a Polaroid i-zone that works with 1″ x 1″ film.

Polaroid izone
Polaroid i-zone Instant Pocket Camera

I’m not throwing anything away. In fact, I’m going to start hoarding the film and keep the cameras as antiques.

Photos: Amy Rudberg

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