Earth Day

I waited until Earth Day to start my new blog because I wanted a date I could easily remember. Earth Day or Earth Week or Earth Month is celebrated all over the world by organizing a series of environmental activities throughout April. I was at the Daley Plaza last week to meet my friend Ingrid Albrecht, who was one of 100 artists selected to create a “cool globe” for the Cool Globes Project. Her globe is a fiber glass behemoth, about 6 feet tall and 5 feet in diameter, with land masses in earthy browns, and the oceans in blue greens. Her globe provides tidbits of information about how we can help the environment. She uses insects and birds to carry her “Green Leaf Notes” as though the creatures were flying in a migratory pattern around the world.

Ingrid and Her Cool Globe
Ingrid and Her Cool Globe, Courtesy of Ingrid Albrecht

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