Dear ArtStyle: Venice Dreams

Clothesline 1

Dear ArtStyle,

I have returned from Italy without sending you a postcard as I had hoped.

I plowed through the Venice Biennale for two days, spent a week in Florence, and ended up driving around in Tuscany. I was simply too over stimulated — taking in art, old and new, by the urban and natural environment, by the way of life, the food, the people — to sit down and focus on one thing.

It is Thanksgiving weekend, and I thought I would send something that would be easily digested.

I have picked out what have become my favorite images from the trip: the clotheslines of Venice. My dream is to import this custom to Chicago!


Clothesline 2

Clothesline 3
Clothesline 4
Clothesline 5

All images provided courtesy of Anna Joelsdottir.

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