Cool Globes Exhibit: Fun and Educational

We went to the Cool Globes Exhibit yesterday, hoping to take a free 45-minute tour highlighting the globes, and trying to get an understanding of the artists’ interpretations of solutions to global warming. Seemingly hundreds of globes dot the Museum Campus, starting in front of the Field Museum, and zigzagging along the campus and extending along the lake front up to East Balboa Drive.

Globes on the Museum Campus

Globes Along the Lake Front

Although we found out that the tours actually start on June 15th — and run during the week throughout the summer from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with special group tours if you sign up — we were able to get an 82-page color guidebook from the Field Museum for our self-guided tour. The guidebook has a map with the globes on the campus, with each globe numbered on the map and on the accompanying photograph and artist statement in the book.

Examining One of the Globes, front of the Field Museum

There are a total of 124 globes. We viewed all 100 globes on the Museum Campus, but didn’t inspect the three housed in the Field Museum as well as the others at different locations around the city. Twelve globes are located at Navy Pier, and there are nine globes located off-site: Adler Planetarium (1); Exelon on Dearborn (1); John Hancock Center, interior (1); Sears Tower, interior (3); Whole Foods on Canal (1) and Halsted (1); and Kohl Children’s Museum, interior (1).

Each globe, measuring about 6′ tall by 5′ in diameter, is accompanied with a plaque with the globe’s theme, artist’s statement about the globe, artist’s name, name of the globe, and globe’s sponsor. These globes were some of our favorites on the Museum Campus (in order by globe number):

Green Travel Globe

Globe 6: Souvenir. Theme: Green Travel. Artist: Constance Mallinson. Sponsor: Potash Corp.

Commercial Recycling Globe 15

Globe 15: Recycled Evolution. Theme: Commercial Recycling. Artist: Bryan Sperry. Sponsor: Howard and Cindy Garoon / basic wire and cable.

Conserve Water Globe 34

Globe No. 34: Conserve Water. Theme: Drop by Drop. Artist: Mirjana Ugrinov. Sponsor: WaterSaver Faucet Co.

Share a Ride Globe 35

Globe No. 35: Carpool. Theme: Share a Ride. Artist: Cheryl Steiger. Sponsor: Joh, Shari, David, and Ethan Woldenberg.

Unplugged Fun Globe 37

Globe No. 37: Non-Electric Play. Theme: Unplugged Fun. Artist: Francis W. Parker School students and faculty. Sponsor: Francis W. Parker School.

Green Your Home Globe 59

Globe No. 59: Loteria Global (Global Bingo). Theme: Green Your Home. Artist: Luz Maria Castillo. Sponsor: Perseco.

Heal the World Globe 70

Globe No. 70: Corrigenda. Theme: Heal the World. Artist: Tamar Hirschl. Sponsor: Nathan & Randy Shapiro, Steve & Leslie Shapiro, Danny & Anne Shapiro, Daniel & Lesley Beider.

Residential Recycling Globe 71

Globe No. 71: The Comer Connection (Plastics, Metals, and Cell Phones OH MY!). Theme: Residential Recycling. Artist: Faheem Majeed and Gary Comer Youth Center. Sponsor: U.S. Cellular.

Green Office Globe 85

Globe No. 85: Make It Happen. Theme: Green Office. Artist: Carthryn Henry-Colcer and Dan Colcer. Sponsor: Bank of America.

Rooftop Gardens Around the Round Globe 94

Globe No. 94: Green Roof Connection. Theme: Rooftop Gardens Around the World. Artist: Ingrid Albrecht. Sponsor: Kirkland & Ellis LLP.

Look for future blogs on the Cool Globes Project artists.

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