Collecting Art: How To Start

This weekend I went to the Bucktown Art Fair with a couple of friends; the main reason I went was because I knew Delores Fortuna was selling her pottery there. Delores has developed an individual style and glazes to her pieces, which I admire. I was able to purchase a bowl, four cups, and a teapot to add to my collection.

Darrell Roberts Collection Fortuna

When collecting art, the main advice I can give is to buy what you like. Collecting art is fun and rewarding and makes your place your own, which no one can copy by going to the mass market stores. There are many ways to begin your collection. This fall there will be many new art gallery openings in the River North and West Loop gallery areas. I recommend starting by going to the galleries to get a feel of what you like. If you are on a budget, Printworks Gallery is a great place to start purchasing works on paper by some of your favorite artists. The Hyde Park Art Center will be having its Just Good Art 2007 benefit auction, which is an amazing amount of fun. You get to bid on the art until the highest bidder wins; it is a great way to start or add to your collection by helping the Hyde Park Art Center raise money, and you usually can get some amazing deals on great pieces of art donated by many well-known Chicago artists.

I am including a few images from my own collection here, so you can see how diverse a collection can be. I bought these pieces because they inspired me, and I like them a lot.

Darrell Roberts Collection
Darrell Roberts Collection2
Darrell Roberts Collection3
Darrell Roberts Collection4
Darrell Roberts Collection5

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