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Q&A with Daniel Godston: Musician and Poet

Living in Chicago since 2000, Daniel Godston professes that his family moved around a lot. He earned a BA from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, taught English as a Second Language in South Korea for several years, and then returned to the US to earn an MFA in Creative Writing at Mills College, in Oakland, CA. In Chicago, Godston teaches English Composition, Literature, and New Millennium Studies courses at Columbia College. He also teaches poetry to young people who are hospitalized, through Snow City Arts Foundation, and he teaches creative writing to high school students, through the Center for Community Arts Partnerships. When he's not teaching or publishing poems, he plays the trumpet with his trio, Ways & Means. Their recent CD, Fire of Dream, features poetry and experimental ritual music that is influenced by jazz and world music.


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Interview with Paul Hornschemeier: Cartoonist on the Rise

After I read an interview with comic-book creator Paul Hornschemeier in the Chicago Tribune, and discovered that he, as a young child, said to his mother, “I don't care if I'm eating Cheez Whiz on the streets of San Francisco living in a gutter, I am going to draw comics,” I decided he had to be on ArtStyle. Hornschemeier (pronounced Hornsch-my-er) grew up in Ohio, thrived on comics (both reading and drawing), studied philosophy at Ohio State University (where he started cartooning at the school paper), and then ventured into self publishing his own comic books, which eventually led to a career as a comic-book creator and illustrator. His just-released hardcover, The Three Paradoxes, published by Fantagraphics Books, is now available in book stores. (The images in this blog are from The Three Paradoxes and provided by Paul Hornschemeier.)


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