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CAC’s Chicago Artist To Watch: Stephanie Graham

The Chicago Artists To Watch program is an effort to showcase talented CAC members from communities who have been under-represented in the past. Our goal is to increase awareness of artists from a wide variety of backgrounds and support artists of any age, cultural or ethnic background, at any stage of their careers.

CAC sat down with February’s “Chicago Artist To Watch,” Stephanie Graham, to learn about this artist’s fresh eyes through a conversation about her photography and relationship with the city.

An Interview with Stephanie Graham, Chicago Artist to Watch
By Miguel Jimenez

Self Portrait
Self Portrait. Courtesy of Stephanie Graham.

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Interview with Amy Lowry: Painter, Illustrator, Author, Mosaic Artist

Pepper Plant
Chili Peppers. Oil on canvas. Courtesy of the artist.

Amy Lowry, a painter, illustrator, children's book author, and mosaic artist, reflects: I always knew I was going to be an artist. Growing up, I was the class artist. I carried sketchbooks everywhere I went. After graduating from college, I moved to New York City and worked in a variety of jobs while maintaining a studio in my apartment. I never went to art school, but took classes at the School of Visual Arts and the Art Student's League. I married in 1982 and moved to Beijing in 1990 with my now ex-husband. It was right after Tiananmen Square. We lived in China for 4 years, and it was there that I studied scroll making and learned traditional methods of working with rice paper using wheat paste, ink, and gouache. I moved to Chicago in 1994 with my three daughters and have been here ever since.

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Gadgets on the Go: Flip Video

I’m on my third generation of Pure Digital’s mini-camcorder. This version is called Flip Video; it’s small (2″ x 4″ x 3/4″), portable, battery operated, and easy to use. It comes in a 30-minute or 60-minute version. I have two 60-minute videos, which I use for interviews. It connects to the computer with a sliding USB 2.0 arm and built-in software. Software features:

    Browse, play, and delete videos
    Save videos to computer
    Make custom movies with music
    Capture photos from video
    Share videos online or by email
    Upload videos to the web

Here’s a demo which is a video within a video. I’m using one Flip Video to video the second Flip Video.

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Interview with Mirjana Ugrinov: Art as Poetry as Art

Held Up By Night
Held Up By Night. Courtesy of Mirjana Ugrinov.

This one is called Held Up By Night. It's kind of like a kite, so I used real string. It's like a sleepless night, and you feel like you're suspended up there. It's kind of emotionless. I have its sister, using the same dimensions and materials. This is called simply Balancing. To me it's like a tight rope, a person balancing.

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Eli Robb: Video Performance Artist

Eli Robb is a professor of film, digital media, performance, and video at
Lake Forest College. Originally from California, Robb received a BA from the University of California at Berkeley, and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute in 2003. Robb's main interest is video and photography. He has had numerous exhibits and recent performances in Chicago and the Chicago land area.

One of his public demonstrations is entitled Gone Hunting in which he goes on a hunting trip in the bustling metropolis of downtown Chicago. He carries a 12-foot bow and 9-foot arrow, both created from found materials. Dressed in green and bright orange, Robb goes unnoticed by passersby on a crisp spring morning; the ground is still covered by snow as he tracks through the crowded streets to Grant Park and begins his futile hunt. The sound of the city is mixed with the beating of drums (as if he were going on an African Safari hunt) to the sounds of calm streams as Robb enters the park and prepares us for the hunt. After creeping slowly upon a bird, his ill-fated shot with his oversized arrow hardly disrupts the serenity of the park. The silliness of the stunt keeps the viewer engaged as if he were watching a PBS nature special. After a few attempts, the defeated hunter leaves the park as the increased beat of the music signals that the hunt is over.

Gone Hunting

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