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Collecting Art: How To Start

This weekend I went to the Bucktown Art Fair with a couple of friends; the main reason I went was because I knew Delores Fortuna was selling her pottery there. Delores has developed an individual style and glazes to her pieces, which I admire. I was able to purchase a bowl, four cups, and a teapot to add to my collection.

Darrell Roberts Collection Fortuna

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Point of View: Professionalization of Culture

A while back, the Kunstmuseum Thurgau (Art Museum of Thurgovia) in Switzerland had a symposium on “Professionalisierung der Kultur — Fluch oder Segen” (“Professionalization of Culture — Curse or Blessing”). The art world certainly does love its symposiums nowadays. They asked me to make a statement to be used on an invitation and poster and some other materials. I made a VERY short one, which, nonetheless, I think and hope you will find interesting.


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Point of View: Oppose the Proposed Public Art Ordinance Now

The following is a statement from Olga Stefan, Executive Director of the Chicago Artists’ Coalition (CAC).

Please help us convince aldermen to OPPOSE the proposed Public Art Ordinance, up for vote on June 13th. This revised ordinance will take away voting rights from citizens in the Percent For Art program, paid for by tax-payers, and will eliminate any remaining transparency in the decision-making process regarding public art commissions. All decision-making power will be transferred to the Department of Cultural Affairs staff, with no voting opportunities from the art community or other citizens.
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Dear ArtStyle: Postcard from Iceland

Dear ArtStyle,

I moved to Chicago from Iceland in 1992 and ever since then have missed having outdoor clothes lines to hang my laundry like I used to back home. Many people have dryers here in Iceland, and the dryers come in handy in the winter. I only recently learned that outdoor lines in the U.S. are associated with people from a lower economic status, and even banned in many communities. But now, the lines may regain their status as being “green” when that idea kicks in (if it ever does). Here, they are neither green nor do they have any sort of status, except that a person who has the facilities to use them is considered lucky.


Courtesy of Anna Joelsdottir

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Dear ArtStyle: Postcard from Santa Cruz

Dear ArtStyle,

I happened to be in Santa Cruz, CA, this past weekend. I went to visit the Boardwalk, the tourist epicenter of Santa Cruz. Entering the world of arcades, I was shocked to see people, especially kids, completely absorbed in activities that so blatantly encouraged brutality. Any wonder why we have so much violence in this country?


Blog Jane Fulton Alt Arcade 2

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