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Interview with Rose DiSalvo: Creating Photorealistic Worlds

Rose DiSalvo came to Chicago in 2001 after attending UCLA and majoring in philosophy. Painting on her own at home in California helped get her into graduate school at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In 2004, she received her MFA degree and has taught college courses in painting, art history, and humanities. Her artist practice has evolved into self-created worlds of photography.

Cowboy 1
Courtesy of the Artist

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Dear ArtStyle: Postcard from Santa Cruz

Dear ArtStyle,

I happened to be in Santa Cruz, CA, this past weekend. I went to visit the Boardwalk, the tourist epicenter of Santa Cruz. Entering the world of arcades, I was shocked to see people, especially kids, completely absorbed in activities that so blatantly encouraged brutality. Any wonder why we have so much violence in this country?


Blog Jane Fulton Alt Arcade 2

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Interview with Jane Fulton Alt: Photography as Poetry

Jane Fulton Alt, fine art photographer, expresses her photographs as a poet writes poetry, with a captivating sense of artistry, fluidity, and grace.

Jane Fulton Alt from Chiapas series
Chiapas Series. Courtesy of the Artist.

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A Visit to Artropolis

I went to my first Artropolis yesterday and it was fascinating. There was so much art that I couldn’t take it all in.


Hiroshi Ariyama’s current series Our City, Our Neighborhood depict original point-of-view snapshots of cityscapes in screenprinted manipulations of light, color, and texture. Ariyama says, “My intent is to capture an emotional point in time within each scene that ranges from nostalgic reflection to current observation, or simply a happy glance into a moment’s fleeting possiblities.”

Daybreak, Courtesy of Hiroshi Ariyama

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