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Interview with Reginald Robinson: Man Out of Time

Reginald Robinson
Reginald Robinson, Ragtime Musician and Composer.
Courtesy of the artist.

Ragtime pianist and composer Reginald Robinson spent the last 10 years working on his latest CD, Man Out of Time, which includes 20 new piano solos. At age 13, after hearing Scott Joplin's The Entertainer at a school concert, Robinson began teaching himself ragtime on a portable keyboard, and he was determined to compose his own songs. In 1992 with the help of school teachers and a fellow musician, he later went on to record his first demo and was immediately signed by Delmark Records. His recordings include The Strongman (1993), Sounds in Silhouette (1994), and Euphonic Sounds (1998). In September 2004, Robinson received the MacArthur Fellowship Grant (popularly known as the “genius grant”). Robinson has performed in Europe and across the U.S., including such venues as the Chicago Jazz Festival, Ravinia, Gilmore Keyboard Festival, Gina Bachauer International Piano Foundation Concert Series, and The American Perspectives Program, sponsored by the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Symphony, and Poetry Foundation.

Lady of Honor Excerpt from Man Out of Time. Courtesy of Reginald Robinson.
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