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The Chakra System: An Introduction


The word chakra (pronounced shock-rah) is derived from the Sanskrit word cakram, meaning wheel, sphere, or vortex of light. For thousands of years, people on many different spiritual paths, especially the Indian Hindus and Tibetans, have believed that the body contains different chakras or energy points, and that these chakras can be balanced for overall well being. Often associated with yogic practices, the chakra system found its way to Western culture in the 20th century.
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Barbara Cooper: Green Artist, Green Lifestyle

Babara Cooper Folia
Folia. Photo credit Eileen Ryan.

Artist Barbara Cooper creates sculptures from sheets of wood veneer that factories have tossed away. She then shapes this discarded material into forms that remind you where the material comes from — trees.
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Dear ArtStyle: Postcard from the Wesak Celebration

Dear ArtStyle,

On May 31st, I was honored to be invited to a Wesak Celebration, during the full moon in Taurus. In a beautiful setting at East Meets West, a store front on Lawrence Avenue, a place more temple than store, we gathered together (about 18 of us) to chant and bring in a wonderful and powerful energy for ourselves and our world.

Deanne Lozano Wesak Chakra
Energy of Enlightenment, Peace, Harmony and Abundance for All

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Dear ArtStyle: Postcard from Iceland

Dear ArtStyle,

I consider Reykjavik, Iceland and Chicago my two home towns. Children and babies are more visible here on the streets than they are in Chicago. Outside of coffee shops, a very common sight is a row of strollers with babies sleeping soundly in them while mothers are inside having coffee and chatting. This happens all year round, as on this island, it is considered healthy to let babies sleep outside to get them used to our harsh climate early in life.


Baby Strollers Iceland
Courtesy of Anna Joelsdottir

Interview with Deanne Lozano: The Art of Energy Work

Deanne Lozano Profile

I saw my friend Deanne Lozano the other day and she said she was going to participate in a chanting fest on May 31st, the day of the Wesak Celebration.
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