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Interview with Michael Pajon: Visionary Americana

Michael Pajon, printmaker and collage artist, depicts images and stories with Southern gothic themes, folklore, and Americana in his dreamlike etchings and collages. His etchings are filled with gothic archetypes and symbolism, literally snapshots of people living their everyday lives in small towns, immersed in their superstitions, supernatural beliefs, and cultural and moral baggage.

Lost and Found
Lost and Found. Courtesy of the Artist.

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Interview with Rose DiSalvo: Creating Photorealistic Worlds

Rose DiSalvo came to Chicago in 2001 after attending UCLA and majoring in philosophy. Painting on her own at home in California helped get her into graduate school at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In 2004, she received her MFA degree and has taught college courses in painting, art history, and humanities. Her artist practice has evolved into self-created worlds of photography.

Cowboy 1
Courtesy of the Artist

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Dear ArtStyle: Postcard from Iceland

Dear ArtStyle,

Early one morning I looked out the kitchen window, and my heart skipped a beat. On the grass, just below the window, there was everybody’s (here in Iceland) favorite bird, the Golden Plover, hopping around and poking its beak in the ground. One Icelandic tradition as long as I can remember is the media’s announcement of the arrival of the Golden Plover. The headlines are always the same (in late March or early April): “Lóan er komin” (The Golden Plover has arrived!) Why did my heart skip a beat when I’m not even interested in birds? That, I am sure, has to do with history, nostalgia, and a feeling of hope after a long, dark winter. The Golden Plover’s arrival means that spring is here, and bright days are ahead.

And the Plover has graced its presence in Venice as well. Iceland’s The Golden Plover Has Arrived features the work of Steingrímur Eyfjörð in The 54th Venice Biennale, opening this week. The artist, who was selected to represent Iceland this year, works with Icelandic folklore and traditions, like the one I just experienced.


Golden Plover
Courtesy of Anna Joelsdottir