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Green Journal: Green Life Tips

In January, 2008, The Chicago Tribune published an article “50 Simple Tips from a Year of Living the Green Life,” by Karen Klages. Beth Botts, Marjorie David, Elaine Matsushita, Tiffany Meyers, Cindy Dampier and William Hagerman contributed to this story. Here are some highlights from the article and my commentary.

Water-saving Planting

Plant thirstier plants closer to the house. Choose fescues for lawns. Mulch to keep water from evaporating. Use native plants.

My Favorite Peperomia. Photo: Amy Rudberg.

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Book Review: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver with Steven L. Hopp and Camille Kingsolver

If you're interested in the issues of “localvorism” (local food movement), a gardening journal, do-it-yourself family farming, growing seasonal organic foods, the policies and economic issues of industrial farming, anecdotes about dedicated small local farmers, food culture, and seasonal recipes, then you may be interested in reading this book. Barbara Kingsolver and her family decide to move from Arizona to their rural farm in southern Appalachia and live and work there for a year as an experiment to see if they could live off the fruits of their own labor, both from their farm and their live stock.

Photo credit: Amy Rudberg

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Gong Bath: A Sound Experience

Here in Chicago we are very lucky to have a variety of sound and musical programs available to us. For the next ten days or so, Richard Rudis, a teacher of vibrational energy work, will be in Chicago. He teaches how to work with healing bowls, bells, and chimes, and holds healing concerts called gong baths.


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Point of View: Some Additional Tidbits on Electric Rate Freeze

This week concludes my research on the outrageous rate increases on all-electric buildings. First, I discovered some unsettling findings about Midwest Generation, one of the prominent suppliers of power in Illinois. I follow this with reasons why the huge rate increase imposed on consumers in all-electric buildings is not only unfair but makes little economic sense. And then there occurred during the past week some very modest progress in rolling back the electrical rate increases.

Richard Rudberg Broken Promises
Broken Promises

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Point of View: More Reasons Why We Need A Rate Freeze

In last week's blog, I called for a freeze of electric rates because competition, necessary for establishing electric rates that are fair to the public, does not seem to exist. The bygone era of monopolistic control and price setting exists once again.

Two Light Bulbs
Electricity Charges Up by 70%-80%

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