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CAC: Fear and Curating in Chicago by John Brunetti

Alfedena Gallery

Fear and Curating in Chicago

An interview with and by John Brunetti, Director, Alfedena Gallery

What motivated you to become a curator?

JB: Fear.


JB: Yes, seriously. Fear can be a great motivator. It can either hold you back or set you free. I had never intended to be a curator, just as I had never intended to be an art critic. Those were two jobs that grew out of my desire to survive in the arts after I got my MFA in 1987. My original intention was to be a painter. But in the case of my painting career, fear kept me from making that happen, so I decided to start making fear work for me in other ways.
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Interview with Edra Soto: Taking Chances

Documentation. Courtesy of the artist.

Edra Soto, a Chicago artist born in Puerto Rico, received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has shown extensively in the Chicago area, nationally, and internationally. She is a mixed-media, installation, and performance artist, as well as a teacher and curator.
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