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Q&A with Rebecca Ringquist: A Narrative Fiber Artist

I recently visited the studio of Chicago artist Rebecca Ringquist, where she was finishing up her pieces for a group show Soft Life at the Hyde Park Art Center. Soft Life runs from January 20th to March 30, 2008 with the opening on Sunday, February 3rd, 3-5pm.

Rebecca Ringquist takes traditional domestic craft materials and alters them with imagery by aggressively stitching them and embroidering her narrative stories on them. What she integrates is one part artist labor and the other part done by unknown women who crafted the original material. Her pieces push the boundary between traditional craft-making materials and contemporary art.

New Project
Garden Gate. Courtesy of Rebecca Ringquist.

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Hyde Park Art Center: New Works

Hello Folks. I just attended an opening at the Hyde Park Art Center, and if you have not been there, I recommend bookmarking their site for a list of current exhibitions, readings, and performances in Chicago’s art world. The Hyde Park Art Center, a part of Chicago’s art scene for over 60 years, has 5 exhibition spaces that are always changing to highlight a diversity of artwork being made in Chicago. (Photo credit: Darrell Roberts)

In the center’s main gallery is Consuming War, an exhibit showing artist whose work deals with being consumed by war and conflicts. Curated by Barbara Koenen, the show includes artists Lynda Barry, Wafaa Bilal, Mary Brogger, Adam Brooks, Burtonwood & Holmes, Michael Hernandez de Luna, Fred Holland, Harold Mendez, Michael Rakowitz, Ellen Rothenberg, Edra Soto, Paula White and Dolores Wilber.

Mary Bogger has created a large steel Persian rug that floats tentatively on pins, and a raft out of oil drums and a car frame.

Mary Brogger

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Chicago Cultural Center: The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Project

The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Project is on view at the [tag]Chicago Cultural
Center [/tag]until December 16th. This show is a stunning use of craft to make a wondrous work of art. Created as a collaborative crochet piece, the long coral-like re-creations explode with color, form, and texture that are tantalizing to the eyes. As you walk into the room displaying the coral reef project, you are met with two long stunning colorful replications of the Great Barrier Reef, which lies off the cost of Australia. Hanging on the walls are splendid dynamic colorful forms of the reef that are just majestic. In the second room is a display of jelly fish hanging from the walls and an example of a collaborative piece made by Chicagoland contributors.

Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef. NASA Satellite Photo.

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Interview with Mirjana Ugrinov: Art as Poetry as Art

Held Up By Night
Held Up By Night. Courtesy of Mirjana Ugrinov.

This one is called Held Up By Night. It's kind of like a kite, so I used real string. It's like a sleepless night, and you feel like you're suspended up there. It's kind of emotionless. I have its sister, using the same dimensions and materials. This is called simply Balancing. To me it's like a tight rope, a person balancing.

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Interview with Frank Connet: The Art of Textile

As I enter Frank Connet's studio in Oak Park, I notice an entire wall filled with cascading dyed wool in various hues (apparently to be used to repair old oriental rugs piled on the floor); an African beaded head with missing beads sits forlornly on a small table; small cubby holes filled with folded dyed fabric appear neat and disheveled at the same time; and yet another wall serves as a work space with pinned-up fabric in unusual puzzle pieces; and a busy back area for dyeing and rinsing fabric exudes indigo at every stage. As a textile restorer, fabricator, and innovator, Connet relishes the time he spends creating unique textile designs using ancient Japanese dyeing techniques (Shibori).

Frank Connet Ground Sulfur
Ground Sulfur. Courtesy of the artist.

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