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Interview with Bradford Hansen-Smith: Creating Art Through Geometry

Bradford Hansen-Smith has been an illustrator, jewelry maker, sculptor, filmmaker, author, toy maker, and educator. His website,, focuses on the wonders of geometry through sculptures created from paper plates.

Extended Spiral
Bradford Hansen-Smith. Extended Spiral (side view). Chicago. 2008.
Folded paper circles. Approx height 12” x 12” x 9”. Each unit is
a circle folded in the same way using diameters from 7″ to 3/4″.
The change in curve is how they fit one into the other. A computer
image was printed on 20 lb paper, then cut into various diameter
circles, folded and joined by tying with thread.

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Science as Art: NanoArt 2007 International Online Competition

NanoArt is a new art form where micro or nanosculptures (sculptures at molecular and atomic scales), created by artists or scientists through chemical and/or physical processes, are visualized with powerful research tools like Scanning Electron Microscopes. The monochromatic electron microscope scans are processed further using different artistic techniques to create works of art that can be showcased for the general public.

Science as Art Image
Science As Art. Courtesy of Cris Orfescu.

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Chicago Cultural Center: The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Project

The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Project is on view at the [tag]Chicago Cultural
Center [/tag]until December 16th. This show is a stunning use of craft to make a wondrous work of art. Created as a collaborative crochet piece, the long coral-like re-creations explode with color, form, and texture that are tantalizing to the eyes. As you walk into the room displaying the coral reef project, you are met with two long stunning colorful replications of the Great Barrier Reef, which lies off the cost of Australia. Hanging on the walls are splendid dynamic colorful forms of the reef that are just majestic. In the second room is a display of jelly fish hanging from the walls and an example of a collaborative piece made by Chicagoland contributors.

Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef. NASA Satellite Photo.

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Interview with Cris Orfescu: Surveying the New Trends in NanoArt

(This interview is a continuation of Interview with Suresh Donthu, Joel Henzie, and Cris Orfescu: Science As Art.)

Cris Orfescu Nano Fireball
Nano Fireball, Digital Painting & Manipulation of SEM Scan of Nanosculpture
Created by Hydrolizing Titanium Organometallic Compound
Courtesy of Cris Orfescu

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Interview with Suresh Donthu, Joel Henzie, and Cris Orfescu: Science as Art

What do Suresh Donthu and Joel Henzie, researchers at Northwestern University in Evanston, and Cris Orfescu, curator of the First International NanoArt Festival in Finland, have in common? They have a fascination with “science as art” and “art as science” in the world of nanotechnology – the science of dealing with matter at the molecular level, unseen by the human eye.
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