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Interview with Edra Soto: Taking Chances

Documentation. Courtesy of the artist.

Edra Soto, a Chicago artist born in Puerto Rico, received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has shown extensively in the Chicago area, nationally, and internationally. She is a mixed-media, installation, and performance artist, as well as a teacher and curator.
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Interview with Michael Goro: Master Printmaker

Voyage de Nuit
Voyage de Nuit, Etching, Engraving, Photogravure, 24″ x 13″
Courtesy of the artist

Michael Goro, a prominent intaglio printmaker, has lived and worked in Russia, Europe, Israel, and the U.S. His work has received a number of prestigious international awards including Special Prize at the 1998 International Print Triennial in Kanagawa, Japan and Excellent Prize at the 2006 14th Seoul Space International Print Biennial at the Seoul Museum of Art (Korea). He describes his art as a “continuous creative search for raw authenticity in urban environments and human forms that are constantly changing.” Utilizing the full spectrum of printmaking techniques, ranging from Renaissance engraving to digital photogravure, he shares his unique personal experiences through imaginative imagery.
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Interview with Michael Pajon: Visionary Americana

Michael Pajon, printmaker and collage artist, depicts images and stories with Southern gothic themes, folklore, and Americana in his dreamlike etchings and collages. His etchings are filled with gothic archetypes and symbolism, literally snapshots of people living their everyday lives in small towns, immersed in their superstitions, supernatural beliefs, and cultural and moral baggage.

Lost and Found
Lost and Found. Courtesy of the Artist.

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Interview with Deborah Maris Lader: Print Maker, Collaborator

Deborah Maris Lader, an artist and director of the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative (CPC), works in a variety of media, including printmaking, collage, drawing, painting, photography, Polaroid transfers, mixed media found objects, and woodcuts.

Deborah Maris Lader nuthatch-4
nuthatch-4. Courtesy of the Artist.

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A Visit to Artropolis

I went to my first Artropolis yesterday and it was fascinating. There was so much art that I couldn’t take it all in.


Hiroshi Ariyama’s current series Our City, Our Neighborhood depict original point-of-view snapshots of cityscapes in screenprinted manipulations of light, color, and texture. Ariyama says, “My intent is to capture an emotional point in time within each scene that ranges from nostalgic reflection to current observation, or simply a happy glance into a moment’s fleeting possiblities.”

Daybreak, Courtesy of Hiroshi Ariyama

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