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A Trip to Atropolis 2008

How much farther until we get to the other side?

Today, Richard and I went to Artropolis at the Merchandise Mart about 11 a.m. and left about 2:30 p.m. There are 5 concurrent shows under one roof.

    Art Chicago (12th floor) — art in a gallery atmosphere featuring works appealing to curators and collectors

    NEXT (7th floor) — an invitational exhibition of international contemporary emerging art focusing on single artists or special projects

    The Merchandise Mart International Antiques Fair (south side of the 8th floor)

    The Artist Project (north side of 8th floor) — work of independent artists

    The Intuit Show (northwest corner of the 8th floor) — folk and outsider art

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Q&A with Rebecca Ringquist: A Narrative Fiber Artist

I recently visited the studio of Chicago artist Rebecca Ringquist, where she was finishing up her pieces for a group show Soft Life at the Hyde Park Art Center. Soft Life runs from January 20th to March 30, 2008 with the opening on Sunday, February 3rd, 3-5pm.

Rebecca Ringquist takes traditional domestic craft materials and alters them with imagery by aggressively stitching them and embroidering her narrative stories on them. What she integrates is one part artist labor and the other part done by unknown women who crafted the original material. Her pieces push the boundary between traditional craft-making materials and contemporary art.

New Project
Garden Gate. Courtesy of Rebecca Ringquist.

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Interview with Dale Washington: “The Power of Creation Is the Act of Doing”

Dale Washington has turned his cozy apartment into a self-made gallery with his paintings, drawings, ink work, assemblages, and new art hanging on nearly every square inch of wall space. His work deals with everyday people and situations from nudes to landscapes, from jazz clubs to fish fries, and everything else in between depicting the urban Chicago lifestyle. A self-professed “obsessive-compulsive,” Washington creates when he is driven to do so and is talented enough to work “in all media” or uses “whatever is available at the time.” Featured in Daniel T. Parker's book African Art: The Diaspora and Beyond, Washington has exhibited at Gruen Gallery, Steele Life Gallery, South Shore Culture Center, Southside Community Art Center, Beverly Art Center, Hyde Park Art Center, and other galleries in Chicago and throughout the U.S.

Landscape. Oil pastel on panel board. Courtesy of the artist.

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Barbara Cooper: Green Artist, Green Lifestyle

Babara Cooper Folia
Folia. Photo credit Eileen Ryan.

Artist Barbara Cooper creates sculptures from sheets of wood veneer that factories have tossed away. She then shapes this discarded material into forms that remind you where the material comes from — trees.
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Interview with Luis F. Romero: Drawing Spaces, Finding Places

Luis F. Romero was born in Mexico, grew up in Puerto Rico, and is currently living in Chicago. He attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has since shown his work internationally. Using his own paper-and-found-object architectural design, Romero builds multi-layered collages, swirling 3-D structures, and op art creations.

Luis Romero Image 69
Courtesy of the artist

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