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Art Theory: Jackson Pollack, Jack Kirby, American Art and Line Quality

Mark Staff Brandl 2 Jacks
The Two Jacks by Mark Staff Brandl, 1998,
black colored pencil on rag paper, 5 ft. x 3 ft.

I'm going to use several “verbotene” terms here — form and quality — so be prepared. Additionally, I will be handling conceptual art, painting, and comic art, as if they were potentially of equal interest and all equally capable of achieving excellence or not, depending on the creator. I will also be treating artists as if “the author existed” — as if they were largely in control of their tools or at least trying to be. Oh, piling heresy upon heresy!
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Point of View: A Brave New Art Scene

Mark Staff Brandl New Pop Covers
Courtesy of Mark Staff Brandl

What makes ArtStyle unique from other sites concerning Chicago art operating in cyberspace? Art or Idiocy is clearly Erik Wenzel's personal, rather pro-SAIC blog, with some enjoyable perceptions; Iconoduel is very infrequent, yet marvelously well-written and well thought out; Bad at Sports (BAS) specializes in podcast interviews, with great comments raised by the interviews; and Sharkforum is the voice of artist-based independence and critique.
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