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CAC Perspectives: Chuck Thurow on the Death of Artists

The Chicago Artists’ Coalition is pleased to introduce its first contribution to ArtStyle Blog with an article from Chuck Thurow, Executive Director of the Hyde Park Art Center. The Chicago Artists' News, the CAC's monthly paper, has a new feature called “Perspectives,” in which established artists, critics, and other art-world figures pinpoint and analyze art-related practices and developments that have caught their attention, with the aim of eliciting discussion about those phenomena.

In this article, which appeared as a “Perspectives” column in the November issue of Chicago Artists’ News, Chuck raises the question of how to facilitate arts patronage in Chicago so that artists can flourish.

We want to hear from you with your thoughts about the state of arts patronage in Chicago. How can artist-patron relationships be established and maintained? How might the arts patronage community be democratized? And what role should critical art writing — in newspapers, journals, or blogs — play in all of this? As with all future contributions, we would look forward to your responses to the issues raised in this column, so please don’t hesitate to join in the conversation.

Jeremy Biles, Editor
Chicago Artists’ News

Roger Brown, Mothra At Inner Circle Drive, 1988, o/c, 48 x 72″.
Courtesy of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
and the Brown family. © SAIC

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Collecting Art: How To Start

This weekend I went to the Bucktown Art Fair with a couple of friends; the main reason I went was because I knew Delores Fortuna was selling her pottery there. Delores has developed an individual style and glazes to her pieces, which I admire. I was able to purchase a bowl, four cups, and a teapot to add to my collection.

Darrell Roberts Collection Fortuna

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Point of View: Professionalization of Culture

A while back, the Kunstmuseum Thurgau (Art Museum of Thurgovia) in Switzerland had a symposium on “Professionalisierung der Kultur — Fluch oder Segen” (“Professionalization of Culture — Curse or Blessing”). The art world certainly does love its symposiums nowadays. They asked me to make a statement to be used on an invitation and poster and some other materials. I made a VERY short one, which, nonetheless, I think and hope you will find interesting.


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Magdalena Abakanowicz: Creating Giants Among Us

Magdalena Figures

Polish artist Magdalena Abakanowicz has 106 sculptures displayed in the South Loop at the corner of Roosevelt Road and Michigan Avenue. These sculptures are among the most powerful forms of public art I have experienced in Chicago. The figurative forms are gigantic and have a mammoth feel to them. Upon walking through them, I find that they are not even full figurative forms but rather cast forms of torsos, legs, and feet. The scale is gigantic and the legs and feet seem to be out of proportion and irregular but work to create a human presence. Upon close examination of the cast brown forms, textures of burlap appear in the “skin” of the hollow forms. The experience of meandering through the sculptures is bigger than life. The composition of the figures is well planned for the site. A mass of figurative forms are together, walking about aimlessly; most are walking outwards from the group, but as you travel through the forms, every once in a while, you are confronted with a large-waisted form with a mammoth foot facing you. There is plenty of room for people to move freely among the colossal forms without feeling claustrophobic and to maintain a sense of being in a large crowd. As you get to the end of the cluster, a few of the figures are placed randomly in the garden to carry the sculptured pieces into the Chicago skyline.
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Cool Globes Exhibit: Fun and Educational

We went to the Cool Globes Exhibit yesterday, hoping to take a free 45-minute tour highlighting the globes, and trying to get an understanding of the artists’ interpretations of solutions to global warming. Seemingly hundreds of globes dot the Museum Campus, starting in front of the Field Museum, and zigzagging along the campus and extending along the lake front up to East Balboa Drive.

Globes on the Museum Campus

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