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Q&A with Serhii Chrucky: Remembering Chicago’s Past

As a founding member of Forgotten Chicago, Serhii Chrucky (pronounced SIR-he KROOTS-key) spends his available time (when he's in not in class at UIC) examining relics of Chicago's past. Forgotten Chicago is part photo album, historical repository, and architecture / infrastructure as art.

Schlitz Tied House
Schlitz Tied House, 21st and Rockwell. 2008. Photo: Serhii Chrucky.

Our main goal is to discover and document little known elements of Chicago’s infrastructure, architecture, neighborhoods and general cityscape, whether existing or historical. — Forgotten Chicago

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Interview with Bob Krawczyk: Digital Art Redefined

Bob Krawczyk, an architecture professor at Illinois Institute of Technology, specializes in new media art with a focus on algorithmic art to generate 2D and 3D art. Instead of brushes, paint, and canvas, he uses custom-designed software and his computer monitor and printer to create his art, and occasionally a laser-cutting machine and a fabrication shop to generate his 3D models. His BitArt website discusses the intricate models that he uses to generate his Escher-like geometric art. Krawczyk's related projects can be found here.

Polar Flowers
Polar Flowers. Courtesy of the artist.

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