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First Year Anniversary for ArtStyle Blog

Today is Earth Day and the first-year anniversary of ArtStyle Blog. The year I spent publishing and editing the blog has been a rewarding and eventful one. I would like to thank the Contributing Bloggers, subscribers, and supportive friends for helping to make this blog successful.

As some of you know, I will be taking a leave for a month after April for recuperation, some R&R, and to work on my children’s book. During the interim, we will be informally posting and uploading images at, a photo sharing site, under the name ArtStyle Blog Group. The website is

Thanks again, and we hope you visit our site.

Amy Rudberg

New Gallery on ArtStyle Blog

Since we implemented our new gallery on ArtStyle Blog a few days ago, we’ve been getting requests from artists to be considered for the gallery. Our policy for now is to include the artwork of Contributing Bloggers who are visual artists and only the artists we cover in the blog. The purpose of the gallery is to provide an in-depth view of the actual artwork we discuss in our interviews and reviews. In general, for every new visual artist in the blog, you will see an accompanying album(s) in the gallery. We will also try to include the work of visual artists we have covered since the blog inception. The gallery will be updated on an ongoing basis, so please check back periodically. You are welcome to comment on any image in the gallery by first clicking on an image and then Add Comment. If you want to send a private comment, go to Contact.
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Chicago Artists’ Coalition Joins ArtStyle Blog

We are pleased to announce that Chicago Artists’ Coalition (CAC) will be joining ArtStyle Blog as a contributing blogger. CAC is a non-profit service organization open to artists and non-artists. Their blog will feature a roster of artists, critics, and other art world experts. Jeremy Biles, CAC’s Publications Manager, will be facilitating the blog.

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Announcement: New Reference Section

In keeping with our “blog + magazine + encyclopedia or blog-zine-pedia” concept, we now have a new section on ArtStyle called Reference (see Tab at the top). Initially, Reference will include:
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