Announcement: New Reference Section

In keeping with our “blog + magazine + encyclopedia or blog-zine-pedia” concept, we now have a new section on ArtStyle called Reference (see Tab at the top). Initially, Reference will include:

    Art History
    Chicago Neighborhoods and the Arts: Past to Present
    Music History

Our first installation, Art History, will list: (1) Art Movements and (2) Artists. Art Movements, available in alphabetical and chronological lists, will have descriptions and list Chicago artists from the 1820s to the present. Artists will be listed in alphabetical order with associated the Art Movement(s). All artists will have bios and galleries, if available.

We are in the process of designing Art History so the information you see may not be 100% accurate since we are testing data. We hope to complete the design and testing in a few weeks and will begin to input accurate information in the tables for your use. Art History, along with the other future components, will be an ongoing process, and we hope to incorporate some of your comments in our database.

We will let you know when Art History is up and running so that you can track our progress!

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