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Q&A with Nancy Charak: Infinite Line

Nancy Charak studied photography and design at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and painting and drawing at Northern Illinois University, where she received her MFA in 1979. Her work has been shown in several significant juried exhibitions, including the Chicago and Vicinity Show at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Davidson National Print and Drawing Competition in NC. She was awarded a purchase prize from the Chattahoochee Valley Art Association in GA. Charak’s work has also been represented by several galleries, including Van Straaten and Bernal in Chicago and Genesis in New York.

She recently juried the Drawing on Experience show at Woman Made Gallery, 685 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago. The exhibition is June 27 through July 24, 2008, with an opening reception on June 27th from 6 to 9 p.m.

Field Number 1077
Nancy Charak. Field No. 1077. 2007. Oil, pencil on linen canvas,
height 30″ x 40″.

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First Year Anniversary for ArtStyle Blog

Today is Earth Day and the first-year anniversary of ArtStyle Blog. The year I spent publishing and editing the blog has been a rewarding and eventful one. I would like to thank the Contributing Bloggers, subscribers, and supportive friends for helping to make this blog successful.

As some of you know, I will be taking a leave for a month after April for recuperation, some R&R, and to work on my children’s book. During the interim, we will be informally posting and uploading images at, a photo sharing site, under the name ArtStyle Blog Group. The website is

Thanks again, and we hope you visit our site.

Amy Rudberg

Q&A with Alan Lerner, Conceptual Artist

Alan Lerner, a Chicago-based musician, screen printer and conceptual artist who makes sculptural and installation works, has an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work deals with personal imagery, war, fashion, and political events that shape and define the individual psyche and mass psychology. He has an upcoming show in May at Art on Armitage, a window gallery in Chicago dedicated to exhibitions and installations that redefine street art.

ArtStyle: When did the “intellectual” component of your work begin to develop in your art?

Alan Lerner (AL): In the 1970s, as an undergrad, I started making drawings of actions I would fantasize about but not necessarily accomplish. Many of these planned actions would involve bad manners and behavior on the group level, leaving behind evidence in the form of dirty suburban interiors as a comment on the sterility and purity of the impossibly neurotic standards of daily life. I worked in ceramics for many years, and also designed and built furniture. These activities helped form my ideas of how objects function as art separate from the functional craft object. At the time I did a stint at security at the MCA and used the library there to help form my early experiences as an artist.

An Ocean of Drink
Alan Lerner. An Ocean Of Drink. Acrylic clipboards, paper,
screenprint ink, neoprene, 15' x 15'.

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Quiz #3: Sample Quiz!


Quiz #2: New quiz title?

Clue #1: Modern patriarch
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Clue #2: Some crowns bestowed
2nd clue

Clue #3: Verdigris inky rubric
3d clue

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