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CAC’s Chicago Artist to Watch: Terry Dixon

The Chicago Artists To Watch program is an effort to showcase talented CAC members from communities who have been under-represented in the past. Our goal is to increase awareness of artists from a wide variety of backgrounds and support artists of any age, cultural or ethnic background, at any stage of their careers.

Terry Dixon shows us there's something more to watch for in an artist than just artistic talent. Born in Washington, D.C., earning a BFA from Atlanta College of Arts, and receiving an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Terry is a traveler of cities and of the mind — always exploring the significance of his surroundings. Here we travel with Terry through his thoughts and over his canvases.

An Interview with Terry Dixon, Chicago Artist To Watch
By Miguel Jimenez

Terry Dixon
Terry Dixon. Courtesy of the artist.

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Gadgets on the Go: No More Polaroid Instant Film

Polaroid Film

I can’t believe that Polaroid is discontinuing its instant film, which has been in existence since the 1940s. They’re going to start phasing out the films next year. I believe a lot of artists use the Polaroid film to incorporate in their mixed media art or to use as plain Polaroid film art. I guess they’ll have to do without it or switch to Fujifilm.
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Quiz #1: Who is this man and why is there a statue of him?

Clue #1: Modern patriarch
1st clue

Clue #2: Some crowns bestowed
2nd clue

Clue #3: Verdigris inky rubric
3d clue

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Interview with Julie Pitzen: Postcard from Mongolia

Buddha Mask
Julie Pitzen. Buddha mask. 2006. Handbuilt, porcelain,
glazes and stains, 12″. Mongolia.

Julie Pitzen, a former Chicago resident, now lives and works in Mongolia. As an anthropologist, ceramicist, and educator, Pitzen works with the country's artists and organizations, including the National Arts Council, to help build the local arts community and to bring awareness of Mongolia's art and culture to the world. Joining ArtStyle Blog as a Contributing Blogger, Pitzen will be sending occasional “postcards” from Mongolia.
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New Gallery on ArtStyle Blog

Since we implemented our new gallery on ArtStyle Blog a few days ago, we’ve been getting requests from artists to be considered for the gallery. Our policy for now is to include the artwork of Contributing Bloggers who are visual artists and only the artists we cover in the blog. The purpose of the gallery is to provide an in-depth view of the actual artwork we discuss in our interviews and reviews. In general, for every new visual artist in the blog, you will see an accompanying album(s) in the gallery. We will also try to include the work of visual artists we have covered since the blog inception. The gallery will be updated on an ongoing basis, so please check back periodically. You are welcome to comment on any image in the gallery by first clicking on an image and then Add Comment. If you want to send a private comment, go to Contact.
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