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Soshana, Artistic Passages in Life and Spirit

Shosana Now
Soshana on her 80th birthday at the honorary exhibition
and a house warming party at Kunstdepos, Vienna, 2007.
Courtesy of Soshana.

Painting is the language I speak, the only one I think, I speak well, the only way in which I can express myself about the life I feel consciously, subconsciously. — Soshana

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CAC’s Chicago Artist To Watch: Stephanie Graham

The Chicago Artists To Watch program is an effort to showcase talented CAC members from communities who have been under-represented in the past. Our goal is to increase awareness of artists from a wide variety of backgrounds and support artists of any age, cultural or ethnic background, at any stage of their careers.

CAC sat down with February’s “Chicago Artist To Watch,” Stephanie Graham, to learn about this artist’s fresh eyes through a conversation about her photography and relationship with the city.

An Interview with Stephanie Graham, Chicago Artist to Watch
By Miguel Jimenez

Self Portrait
Self Portrait. Courtesy of Stephanie Graham.

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Q&A with Amy Lemaire: “Color is never a fact but always a truth.”

Amy Lemaire has studied at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland,
School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Pilchuck Glass School in Washington. Her glass bead-making techniques have been featured on ABC News Chicago, Fox News Chicago, 190 North Chicago, and selected print media, including the Chicago Tribune, New City and Ceramics Monthly Magazine. In addition, Lemaire has fabricated glass pieces for the Field Museum’s Gregor Mendel exhibit, which will travel to other museums throughout the U.S. As a glass sculptor and painter, Lemaire has exhibited extensively and is represented by Lillstreet Gallery in Chicago.

Shoreline Habitat
Shoreline Habitat. Lampworked soda-lime glass and mixed media.
Courtesy of Amy Lemaire. Photo: Cindy Trim.

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Q&A with Sarah Kaiser: Painter of Many Genres

The Blimp
The Blimp. Courtesy of Sarah Kaiser.

With an MFA in painting and an MA in art history from the University of Chicago, Sarah Kaiser is a creative artist who changes her subject matter to keep her art making as alive as all of her intellectual interests. She has created multiple series of paintings dealing with subject matter as diverse as cartoons, geometric abstraction, observational still life, and conceptual pieces. Besides making art, one of her favorite past times is vacuuming.
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Interview with Gladys Nilsson: Painting Stories, Painting Life

Gladys Nilsson has lived and worked in Chicago for most of her life, and has lived with her family in the same house in a northern Chicago suburb for more than 30 years. As a professional artist, she has been known as one of the original artists who shook up the Chicago art scene with the first Hairy Who show at the Hyde Park Art Center in the ‘60s and later as one of the Chicago Imagists. She is still creating masterful figurative watercolor paintings, but her work has evolved into more complex — autobiographical, mythical, time-shifting, psychological — narratives. Nilsson is represented by Jean Albano Gallery in Chicago.

A Full Time
A Full Time. Courtesy of Gladys Nilsson and Jean Albano Gallery.

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