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Q&A with Susan Kraut

Italian Still Life 17
Italian Still Life 17. Oil on panel, 26″ x 30″. Courtesy of the artist.

ArtStyle: How would you describe your art?

Susan Kraut (SK): I don't really like calling myself a “still life” painter because it suggests pictures of apples and wine bottles. My paintings for many years have been representational descriptions of small organic objects, usually on a window sill, always in some sort of natural light, sometimes with elements of the particular landscape beyond the window.
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Interview with Amy Lowry: Painter, Illustrator, Author, Mosaic Artist

Pepper Plant
Chili Peppers. Oil on canvas. Courtesy of the artist.

Amy Lowry, a painter, illustrator, children's book author, and mosaic artist, reflects: I always knew I was going to be an artist. Growing up, I was the class artist. I carried sketchbooks everywhere I went. After graduating from college, I moved to New York City and worked in a variety of jobs while maintaining a studio in my apartment. I never went to art school, but took classes at the School of Visual Arts and the Art Student's League. I married in 1982 and moved to Beijing in 1990 with my now ex-husband. It was right after Tiananmen Square. We lived in China for 4 years, and it was there that I studied scroll making and learned traditional methods of working with rice paper using wheat paste, ink, and gouache. I moved to Chicago in 1994 with my three daughters and have been here ever since.

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Gadgets on the Go: Flip Video

I’m on my third generation of Pure Digital’s mini-camcorder. This version is called Flip Video; it’s small (2″ x 4″ x 3/4″), portable, battery operated, and easy to use. It comes in a 30-minute or 60-minute version. I have two 60-minute videos, which I use for interviews. It connects to the computer with a sliding USB 2.0 arm and built-in software. Software features:

    Browse, play, and delete videos
    Save videos to computer
    Make custom movies with music
    Capture photos from video
    Share videos online or by email
    Upload videos to the web

Here’s a demo which is a video within a video. I’m using one Flip Video to video the second Flip Video.

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