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Eli Robb: Video Performance Artist

Eli Robb is a professor of film, digital media, performance, and video at
Lake Forest College. Originally from California, Robb received a BA from the University of California at Berkeley, and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute in 2003. Robb's main interest is video and photography. He has had numerous exhibits and recent performances in Chicago and the Chicago land area.

One of his public demonstrations is entitled Gone Hunting in which he goes on a hunting trip in the bustling metropolis of downtown Chicago. He carries a 12-foot bow and 9-foot arrow, both created from found materials. Dressed in green and bright orange, Robb goes unnoticed by passersby on a crisp spring morning; the ground is still covered by snow as he tracks through the crowded streets to Grant Park and begins his futile hunt. The sound of the city is mixed with the beating of drums (as if he were going on an African Safari hunt) to the sounds of calm streams as Robb enters the park and prepares us for the hunt. After creeping slowly upon a bird, his ill-fated shot with his oversized arrow hardly disrupts the serenity of the park. The silliness of the stunt keeps the viewer engaged as if he were watching a PBS nature special. After a few attempts, the defeated hunter leaves the park as the increased beat of the music signals that the hunt is over.

Gone Hunting

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Interview with Paul Hornschemeier: Cartoonist on the Rise

After I read an interview with comic-book creator Paul Hornschemeier in the Chicago Tribune, and discovered that he, as a young child, said to his mother, “I don't care if I'm eating Cheez Whiz on the streets of San Francisco living in a gutter, I am going to draw comics,” I decided he had to be on ArtStyle. Hornschemeier (pronounced Hornsch-my-er) grew up in Ohio, thrived on comics (both reading and drawing), studied philosophy at Ohio State University (where he started cartooning at the school paper), and then ventured into self publishing his own comic books, which eventually led to a career as a comic-book creator and illustrator. His just-released hardcover, The Three Paradoxes, published by Fantagraphics Books, is now available in book stores. (The images in this blog are from The Three Paradoxes and provided by Paul Hornschemeier.)


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Art Theory: Jackson Pollack, Jack Kirby, American Art and Line Quality

Mark Staff Brandl 2 Jacks
The Two Jacks by Mark Staff Brandl, 1998,
black colored pencil on rag paper, 5 ft. x 3 ft.

I'm going to use several “verbotene” terms here — form and quality — so be prepared. Additionally, I will be handling conceptual art, painting, and comic art, as if they were potentially of equal interest and all equally capable of achieving excellence or not, depending on the creator. I will also be treating artists as if “the author existed” — as if they were largely in control of their tools or at least trying to be. Oh, piling heresy upon heresy!
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Meredith Brickell’s Masterful Ceramic Art

Meredith Brickell is in the show Texture and Tone at Lillstreet Art Center Gallery. I have already purchased this piece.

Meredith Brickell P1000901

Brickell creates her intimate ceramic forms from bisque molds as a stepping stone and uses low-fired glazes that show a beautiful and delicate balance of color. Brickell refers to the landscape in her pieces and the influence of growing up in the Midwest. Inside, outside, or sometimes on the bottom of the pottery, thin line drawings, reminiscent of petroglyphs are embedded in her ceramic vessels.
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Art Series: Cool Globes (#5) – Cities Light Up

ArtStyle has been presenting a weekly art series throughout the summer on the participating Cool Globe Exhibit artists. In this last segment, we feature Matt Federico’s Lights without Limits.

Matt Federico

Background: BFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Teacher at The Chicago Mosaic School (2 years). Company owner of Sublime Surfaces, custom mosaics. Website:

Matt Federico
Lights without Limits. Located near the Roosevelt under pass (bike path) just north of the Field Museum. Globe #56. Sponsor: Rosenthal Manufacturing.

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