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Interview with Catherine Forster: Nature in a Box

A woman is in her kayak on Crystal Lake, at dawn before anything else has had a chance to stir the water or cut through the early morning silence. She paddles around the lake for an hour or more, having uninterrupted time alone with nature and her own thoughts.

Finding peace at dawn
Finding Peace At Dawn. Courtesy of Catherine Forster.

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Robert Putnam: Abstract Formalist

Robert Putnam 003
Courtesy of the artist

Abstract painter Robert Putnam, a retired publisher, has a BA and MA in English Literature. I believe his 30 years of experience in technical publishing has influenced his art-making the most. Putnam describes himself as a formalist, working with color, form, and nature. He uses natural surroundings, aerial views, archaeological excavations, stained glass, and burnt buildings to exemplify his work.
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Interview with Mirjana Ugrinov: Art as Poetry as Art

Held Up By Night
Held Up By Night. Courtesy of Mirjana Ugrinov.

This one is called Held Up By Night. It's kind of like a kite, so I used real string. It's like a sleepless night, and you feel like you're suspended up there. It's kind of emotionless. I have its sister, using the same dimensions and materials. This is called simply Balancing. To me it's like a tight rope, a person balancing.

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Interview with Beatriz Ledesma: Art as Collective Consciousness

Art therapist and oil painter Beatriz Ledesma works out of her studio at the Fine Arts Building (FAB) on Michigan Avenue. She describes her work as the “manifestation of the internal world that is sometimes between reality and fantasy, the conscious and the subconscious.” Working with patients part of the week, Ledesma relishes the time she is able to focus on her paintings to explore the depths of the unknown, tempting us to open a door into a new realm of imaginative color schemes and opulent visions.

Studio Door
Beatriz Ledesma’s Studio Door.
Original artwork photo credit Mary Dritchell.

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Lauren Levato: New Insect Assemblages

As an accomplished writer, arts activist, and collage artist, Lauren Levato exhibits regularly in the Chicago area. She published her first book of poetry Marriage Bones by Chicago publisher Fractal Press in 2006. Recently she published at the hotel andromeda (Dancing Girl Press).

Lauren Levato Arcana1b
The Importance of Order. Courtesy of the artist.
2007, paperclay, acorn, butterfly wing, 3.5″ x 3″

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