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Interview with Audrey Niffenegger: Book Maker, Printmaker, Novelist, Painter

Self Portrait as Medusa
Self Portrait as Medusa. Courtesy of the artist.

Audrey Niffenegger, author of several published books, including The Time Traveler's Wife, is a multi-faceted artist. In her essay What Does It Mean to Make a Book? in The Book as Art by Krystyna Wasserman, Niffenegger answers: to make a book is to gain power over objects; to create physical form for ideas; to contend with beauty; and to time travel, to magically acquire the ability to be in many places at once. Niffenegger, one of the founders of the Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College Chicago, is a book maker, printmaker, novelist, painter, and teacher.
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Barbara Cooper: Green Artist, Green Lifestyle

Babara Cooper Folia
Folia. Photo credit Eileen Ryan.

Artist Barbara Cooper creates sculptures from sheets of wood veneer that factories have tossed away. She then shapes this discarded material into forms that remind you where the material comes from — trees.
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Collecting Art: How To Start

This weekend I went to the Bucktown Art Fair with a couple of friends; the main reason I went was because I knew Delores Fortuna was selling her pottery there. Delores has developed an individual style and glazes to her pieces, which I admire. I was able to purchase a bowl, four cups, and a teapot to add to my collection.

Darrell Roberts Collection Fortuna

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Gong Bath: A Sound Experience

Here in Chicago we are very lucky to have a variety of sound and musical programs available to us. For the next ten days or so, Richard Rudis, a teacher of vibrational energy work, will be in Chicago. He teaches how to work with healing bowls, bells, and chimes, and holds healing concerts called gong baths.


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Point of View: Professionalization of Culture

A while back, the Kunstmuseum Thurgau (Art Museum of Thurgovia) in Switzerland had a symposium on “Professionalisierung der Kultur — Fluch oder Segen” (“Professionalization of Culture — Curse or Blessing”). The art world certainly does love its symposiums nowadays. They asked me to make a statement to be used on an invitation and poster and some other materials. I made a VERY short one, which, nonetheless, I think and hope you will find interesting.


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