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Interview with Deanne Lozano: The Art of Energy Work

Deanne Lozano Profile

I saw my friend Deanne Lozano the other day and she said she was going to participate in a chanting fest on May 31st, the day of the Wesak Celebration.
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Interview with Deborah Maris Lader: Print Maker, Collaborator

Deborah Maris Lader, an artist and director of the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative (CPC), works in a variety of media, including printmaking, collage, drawing, painting, photography, Polaroid transfers, mixed media found objects, and woodcuts.

Deborah Maris Lader nuthatch-4
nuthatch-4. Courtesy of the Artist.

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Dear ArtStyle: Postcards from Iceland

Ninna Thorarinsdottir hexogen paper dress
hexogen paper dress. Courtesy of Ninna Thorarinsdottir.

Dear ArtStyle,

I have been here in Iceland a few days, mostly in the countryside, but today I headed into Reykjavik, the capital, to search for a different experience. Luck was with me, as the Reykjavik Art Museum had an opening of a new exhibit — MAGMA/KVIKA showing the best of Icelandic design. This exhibit is a part of The Reykjavik Arts Festival, filling this city with both international and Icelandic art (music, theater, and fine arts) for two weeks.
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Interview with Melanie Brown: Painting Dreams

I had the opportunity to interview Melanie Brown, who has her studio on the third floor of the Lillstreet Art Center in Ravenswood. As a painter and printmaker, she is the Director of the Children’s Department at Lillstreet, where she also teaches painting and drawing in the adult program. She received her MFA at the American University in Washington, D.C., where she learned traditonal painting and painting from observation, and where she spent time wandering through the National Gallery observing the works of the great masters. Since that time, she has developed a unique style in her narrative subject matter while using traditional materials and techniques. As I approached her studio, I passed through a little corridor with high walls, showcasing her colorful paintings and charcoal drawings. In her studio, piles of drawings and paintings on paper were stacked aimlessly on the floor.

Melanie Brown Dreams
Dreamscape. Courtesy of the Artist.

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Point of View: Some Additional Tidbits on Electric Rate Freeze

This week concludes my research on the outrageous rate increases on all-electric buildings. First, I discovered some unsettling findings about Midwest Generation, one of the prominent suppliers of power in Illinois. I follow this with reasons why the huge rate increase imposed on consumers in all-electric buildings is not only unfair but makes little economic sense. And then there occurred during the past week some very modest progress in rolling back the electrical rate increases.

Richard Rudberg Broken Promises
Broken Promises

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