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Gadget on the Go: Edirol R-09 Digital Recorder

I use gadgets that are small, portable, user friendly, computer compatible, and easy to maintain. This is a gadget I use when I interview artists.

Roland Edirol R-09 Digital Recorder

I use this recorder, with an accessory pouch with openings for the controls and a belt clip in the back, pinned close to my left shoulder with a large safety pin. It weighs 5.4 oz including two AA batteries. With two built-in microphones, one on the left and the other, on the right, the Edirol measures 4″ x 2.5″ x 1.25″.

Digital Recorder

It comes with a 64MB SD card, which I replaced with a 4GB card. The 1.125″ x .5″ graphic display is easy to read and you can see the sound levels when the 24-bit uncompressed recording takes place. You can play back the recording and listen to it with head phones or use the USB 2 connection to upload to your computer.

A Visit to Artropolis

I went to my first Artropolis yesterday and it was fascinating. There was so much art that I couldn’t take it all in.


Hiroshi Ariyama’s current series Our City, Our Neighborhood depict original point-of-view snapshots of cityscapes in screenprinted manipulations of light, color, and texture. Ariyama says, “My intent is to capture an emotional point in time within each scene that ranges from nostalgic reflection to current observation, or simply a happy glance into a moment’s fleeting possiblities.”

Daybreak, Courtesy of Hiroshi Ariyama

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Interview with Darrell Roberts: My Own Language

Darrell Roberts and I are going to Artropolis at the Merchandise Mart on Friday. Actually, I’m meeting him there at Art Chicago, showcasing over 100 dealers in international contemporary art. He’s showing with Thomas McCormick Gallery. I wrote my first published article on Darrell for New City Chicago Magazine last year, and I had a chance to do a follow-up interview in January about his Luscious show at Hyde Park Art Center.

Darrell's Favorite Painting

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Earth Day

I waited until Earth Day to start my new blog because I wanted a date I could easily remember. Earth Day or Earth Week or Earth Month is celebrated all over the world by organizing a series of environmental activities throughout April. I was at the Daley Plaza last week to meet my friend Ingrid Albrecht, who was one of 100 artists selected to create a “cool globe” for the Cool Globes Project. Her globe is a fiber glass behemoth, about 6 feet tall and 5 feet in diameter, with land masses in earthy browns, and the oceans in blue greens. Her globe provides tidbits of information about how we can help the environment. She uses insects and birds to carry her “Green Leaf Notes” as though the creatures were flying in a migratory pattern around the world.

Ingrid and Her Cool Globe
Ingrid and Her Cool Globe, Courtesy of Ingrid Albrecht

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